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Exploring the Possibility of Life after Death via Messages of Mediums   Elliot Benjamin

Exploring the Possibility of Life after Death via Messages of Mediums

436 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The purpose of this book was to explore the possibility of life after death as perceived by both mediums and a researcher who is agnostic regarding the issue. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with mediums in a qualitative research mode, followed by the researcher engaging in personal experiential sessions with these mediums, and in various group sessions and workshops at a Spiritualist camp. The results indicate a very high degree of certainty of the participant mediums' beliefs in life after death, a high degree of importance placed upon their involvement in the spiritualist movement for both community support and client referrals, common reports of their receiving multi-modal sensory communications from the deceased, a frequent background of early childhood and family influences on the development of their afterlife beliefs, and their general appreciation of scientific afterlife explanations. The researcher concluded from his experiential research that the alleged afterlife...
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