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Embedded system design based on 8051 and PIC family microcontroller   T. Bezboruah,K. C. Sarma and A. Goswami

Embedded system design based on 8051 and PIC family microcontroller

100 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Data acquisition is a process of gathering information from some experimental set up. With the advancement of technology, this process is becoming more and more complex and costlier. Due to the increase in complexity, the need for efficient and reliable system design, fabrication and testing of data acquisition system increases. The objective of the present work is to highlight the design consideration of microcontroller (µC) based data logger system with user friendly controlling action that have been designed, fabricated and tested in Instrumentation & Informatics Research Laboratory, Department of Electronics & Communication Technology, Gauhati University, INDIA. We designed, developed and tested (µC) system for monitoring and controlling physical parameters. We have started the work with 8051 family µC and wind up with PIC family µC. Emphasis on design is given so as to have an effective and user friendly system. The performance of the systems are tested through statistical...
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