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Bereavement and Coping Mechanism among Spouse of the Deceased   Sandeep Kadirudyavar

Bereavement and Coping Mechanism among Spouse of the Deceased

264 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Life gains its meaning when lived with the companion who is empathetic and always reachable. Death of life partner is major loss in everyone’s life. Surviving spouse find it difficult to cope with the loss and accept that the life partner is no more. Gradually bereaved spouse starts feeling emotional pain is reducing as time passes, because ‘time is the great healer’. Once bereaved is always bereaved. An infant’s entry in a family gives immense happiness. Contradicting to this is the departure of loved one. In the case of death of life partner the loss becomes intolerable. Commitments or responsibilities in the life of surviving spouse make them to cope with the loss, forcing them to smile. This research focuses on several causes which may interrupt bereaved spouse with regards to emotional, financial, sociological aspects and its management. This research work has made an attempt by analyzing the facts in relation to loss of spouse and its impact on their life. Controlling and...
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