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Woman and Profession - The Psychological Perspective   Jyotsana Kamboj and Ujita Balyan

Woman and Profession - The Psychological Perspective

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The challenges of work settings and workplace stress are faced by almost all working women in varied professions but by identifying the reasons the negative effects of work place can be minimized and controlled. The book Woman and Profession: The Psychological Perspective addresses some issues being faced by the working women and suggests certain mechanisms to minimize them. The authors are hopeful that the understanding and application of the findings and solutions can help enhance the psychological well being of the women engaged in various professions. The book holds the relevance for the researchers, students and policy makers. . In the changed scenario of the world which opens so many opportunities to the women outside the four walls of the home and while simultaneously acknowledging the contribution of the women in almost every sector of the professional world it becomes very important not only to empower the working women by building their psychological capital but to also...
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