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Ecocritical Analysis of Environmental Novels of kingsolver and Ozeki   Amal Kashef

Ecocritical Analysis of Environmental Novels of kingsolver and Ozeki

224 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book seeks to present a panoramic view of Ecocriticism as a literary critical theory and its relationship with Feminism and Postcolonialism. Ecocriticism is a new critical approach which searches literary culture to examine how literary texts engage with the environment: landscapes, plants, animals, and natural resources. It analyzes works of art which raise a moral question about human behaviour towards nature. That is to say the principal core of this new critical approach is to examine how human interaction with the environment reflects the cultural, political and spiritual ethics. Besides it seeks to analyse thematically the four chosen ecofeminist novels. it is divided into four chapters. Chapter one is concerned with the rise of ecocriticism as a new critical approach. Chapter two is meant to show the interrelationships between ecocriticism and both feminism and postcolonialism. Chapter three tackles two econovels written by Barbara Kingsolver, and finally chapter four deals...
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