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Local Economic Development Projects as a Conduit for Rural Development   Clarah Dapira

Local Economic Development Projects as a Conduit for Rural Development

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
One of the scathing legacies of apartheid in South Africa is the structural nature of rural poverty with high rates of rural unemployment and inequality as its central feature. These developmental challenges are more pronounced among the previously disadvantaged communities especially in provinces that host the former homelands, namely, the Eastern Cape and Limpopo province. Faced by this rural development impasse, the post-apartheid state has implemented various strategies geared towards creating more job opportunities and diversifying sources of rural incomes. In this regard, the promotion of Local Economic Development initiatives (LED) has received significant national interest which stretches from government, business and non-governmental organisations as having the potential to resuscitate rural economies and create job opportunities. Utilising methodological pluralism as the research design, the researcher critically investigated the effectiveness of LED as a conduit for rural...
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