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Understanding Intermarriages   Nomagugu Setlhare-Oagile

Understanding Intermarriages

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This was a descriptive study in a search to describe the dynamics of interracial relationships. The purpose of the study was about understanding interracial couples and their experiences, giving the couples perspective on their experiences, and challenging families and society to re-evaluate their attitudes towards interracial marriages. Specifically I wanted to explore marital issues such as, shared identity, how the couples handled marital conflicts, how the couples cultivated their marriage, beliefs and values the couples brought to the relationship, coping strategies, gender differentials i.e., who intermarried frequently; men versus women, change in society attitudes towards these unions, therapeutic issues, and availability of support systems. The study was conducted in Botswana, Southern Africa. Nine couples participated in my study. Data was collected through the use of a theme-focused genogram, eco-map, and interview questions. Eight themes emerged from the data. Results had...
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