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Non financial motivation as a driver for perfomance   Wilfred Lameck

Non financial motivation as a driver for perfomance

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work was written in cooperation with various individuals from Academic institutions and Tanzania Police Force.It therefore worth to acknowlege some of them.I would like to appreciate special contribution from Plasius Ngaya and other staff from police force headquarter who facilitated this project from data collection up to the final completion of this work.I am also indebted to colleques and friends from the academic institutions both in Tanzania and and netherlands who played significant role to polish this piece of work. It is my expectation that the issues presented in this manul scripts will have new insight of the current understanding of theory and practice of non financial motivation which is often understdied in the field of organisation behaviour. Finally i would like experess my sincere gratitudes to my fellow lecturers who encouraged me to organise this piece of work and publish it.
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