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Searching for the Universal Subconcious   Antti Seppa

Searching for the Universal Subconcious

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Are there any differences in how we feel about music? This research reaches to clarify differences and their reasons in our perception of music-related emotions. Furthermore, this research presents two new measuring tools for how to consider music-related emotions and musical preferences, The Eye of Emotions and The Indicator of Interest. The first aim of this study was to test the above-mentioned models in practice. Both of these new models capture together the categorical and dimensional ways of thinking about music-related emotions. The second aim of this research was to find out if the participants’ aesthetic distance, for example musical history, age, gender and preferences, would be related with the emotions experienced during the test. In most cases the participants reported very similar emotional listening experiences despite of the differences in their current emotional state or musical background. In addition to the two main research questions, this study reflects...
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