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From behind closed doors   Erica De Lange

From behind closed doors

304 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Working in the field on mental health care has been identified as a highly stressful profession. This book is of value to each and every psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychotherapist or psychiatrist starting out in private practice. It discusses the theoretical foundation of salutogenesis and fortigenesis in positive psychology, where the topic originates from. It addresses the experience of starting a practice to the intricacies of maintaining a successful private practice with resilience and wellbeing. Even the seasoned therapist will find benefit from this book, which addresses the challenges and the joys of working in private practice. Universities and training institutions will find this exploration beneficial in preparing students and interns for the demands of the profession, not only from a theoretical basis, but also from first-hand experiences in long-term private practice. This book serves to explore the experiences of the practicing psychologist- thereby inviting you in...
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