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Counseling Services Provided for Sexually Abused Children in Ethiopia   Jibril Jemal

Counseling Services Provided for Sexually Abused Children in Ethiopia

140 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Child sexual abuse is now greatly recognized as a global problem. The number of organizations working in research,counseling and rehabilitation services for these children in Ethiopia is increasing. However, the nature and quality of the services are not being studied in a comprehensive manner, except the fragmented reports presented. This monograph reports the overall counseling program activities based on the information gained from both service providers as well as beneficiary children and non-offending parents of them.The research was supervised by Professor Terusewe Tefera from Addis Ababa University. And the report was examined by two doctors. They have critically evaluated the paper and ranked it as Excellent (Outstanding). This report can be used as a source for research and training.
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