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Anger Management Group With Aggressive Children   Rabia Iftikhar

Anger Management Group With Aggressive Children

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Aggression is one of the most powerful risk factors for school violence, especially sudden rage. Those students who have not learned or have never been taught to manage their anger are the ones who are at risk for aggression and conceivably, even violent explosive behavior. The goal of anger management is to help those students who have a high level of aggression and to make them learn how to control their emotions. Helping the students in understanding and managing their feelings may provide them with tools to stay away from escalating negative feelings. This will further help them to avoid serious confrontation with students, teachers, and administration. The present study sought to expand previous work by investigating the applicability of Cognitive-behavioral group interventions (CBI) with aggressive school children. Through this research, it is intended that knowledge of CBI shall be increased and more understanding may be developed about how effectively a cognitive-behavioral...
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