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Old people coping successfully with changes in daily life   Annette Johannesen

Old people coping successfully with changes in daily life

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
On the foundation of the concepts of successful aging and occupational science, the aim of this work is to gain deeper understanding of factors related to frail older people, successfully mastering changes in their daily lives. 85-year-old people from a Danish population study were interviewed in their homes, and a review of studies on successful aging is conducted. Many of the findings link well-being with being active; engaged in life; and feeling a sense of purpose. In this study, individual differences in handling situations were seen, as was a complexity when strains reinforced one another. Many had become slower or had limited strength, but strived to manage independently. A strong relation is found between satisfaction in everyday life and adaptive competencies, which include learning. When offering support to frail old people, it is recommended to pay attention to the value of upholding a daily structure through balanced occupational challenges and control.
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