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Parental Views and Attitudes of Children with Cochlear Implantation   Cose Abraham,Avanija Atreyee and Swathi Ravindra

Parental Views and Attitudes of Children with Cochlear Implantation

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Family is often considered as a system that must respond to its members’ need. The identification of a child’s hearing loss is a distressing time for parents. Following these initial responses, parents undergo a process of adaptation to the various challenges uniquely associated with raising a child who is deaf. When making important decision regarding cochlear implant, parents often feel that it would help them to know more about the views of those parents who already have experience with cochlear implants. A questionnaire that summarizes parents’ views would be a good way of obtaining an overview of the process and outcomes. Hence, a questionnaire with 6 sections (Self reliance, wellbeing and happiness, attitude to process of implant, use of implant, communication and social relationships) is translated in to Telugu language and is given to linguist for its content validity and dialectal variations. The development of the questionnaire and the responses of parents in terms of views...
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