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The Impact of Stroke on Interpersonal Communication   Betsy Comtess and Jim Schnell

The Impact of Stroke on Interpersonal Communication

132 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In January, 1983 Betsy Schnell Comtess was living her dream life in San Diego, California. A recent graduate of The Ohio State University (Dental Hygiene), she'd just turned 24 and was poised to accomplish a range of goals she'd set for herself. That all dramatically changed when she suffered a stroke that left her unable to handle the most basic of daily functions. Her goals changed from traveling the world to learning how to walk again. Her interactions with others and her surrounding environment experienced redefinition. This book, co-authored with Dr. Jim Schnell, focuses on how her interpersonal communication processes experienced redefinition and her sense of self was altered as well. Dr. Schnell's expertise with communication theory, coupled with his witness to her recovery and daily functioning, is used to ably interpret the evolution of her life in this regard. Ultimately a message of hope, this book serves as guide to those who have suffered a stroke and the...
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