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The Locus of Control Orientation of Battered Women in Homes   Florence Muthoni Mainah

The Locus of Control Orientation of Battered Women in Homes

148 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book explains how wife battering is very common in many countries in the world, including Kenya. Muthoni Mainah elucidates to the reader how women battering are alarmingly wide spread and cuts across a variety of cultures, class, age and religion. It is the only experience that binds women, be it in the first, second or third worlds. Wife battering has prevalent in the traditional societies in Africa and elsewhere in the world. The author write at length how women world over experience physical abuse in the place that should be considered safest-the home. Such that many women live in fear of being attacked by those they ‘love’ - their own husbands. She talks about wife beating being a domestic in nature and regarded as of private domain, wife battering is seldom reported. This leaves the victim to suffer in silence and leads to under documentation, therefore concealing the intensity and the prevalent nature of the act. The book is a very resourceful handbook to undergraduate and...
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