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Spouse Role Stress   Barkha Agrawal

Spouse Role Stress

172 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The roles that men and women occupy have undergone changes in the past three decades. Women are entering into men’s sphere of work and men into women’s sphere of household work and childcare. The present circumstances can said to be undergoing a transitional change. These changes have created subtle problems, especially among married couples. On the one hand, some husbands have welcomed the opportunities to form intimate and equitable relationships with their life partners and be involved in their families and homes. On the other hand, many others have resisted making changes or have found themselves, unable to effect the changes they want to make. They are, therefore, confused, indecisive, and stressed. This book focus on spouse role stress and their psychological well-being. In the book various psychological tests are presented to measure spouse role expectation, spouse role performance, spouse role stress & psychological well-being. Which would be beneficial to the students,...
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