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Experiences of Violent Victimisation and Attitudes to Knife Crime   Sally Swift

Experiences of Violent Victimisation and Attitudes to Knife Crime

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Young, non-white, urban males are at a significantly higher risk of violent victimisation than any other group in society. Interestingly, this group are routinely labelled and primarily constructed as being victimisers, not victims. This book aims to fill gaps in the existing literature and give young black urban males a voice and a chance to share their experience of being a victim of violent street crime. Qualitative interviews were conducted, encouraging open, honest and frank responses from the young men, offering valuable insight regarding the impact of their victimisation, their violent communities and psychological well-being following their misfortune. This study also addresses the prevalent issue of knife crime, comparing the attitudes of urban black males and white males, living in rural communities. It appears we know little about the meaning of victimisation for the most vulnerable group in society and how their experience shapes their lives. Society needs to become more...
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