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The Insight of every Humanity   Nneoma Okoroafor

The Insight of every Humanity

104 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Why we act the way we do, what our principle weakness tend to be, the strength we drive at, the effects of our actions towards mankind and precisely on our health are often questions asked ourselves and about people. In as much as human being with his or her distinguishing qualities is unique as a differing design and mankind. There are unseen forces deterring our every action, behaviour, character and manner towards man and our surrounding, making us averagely acceptable, unbearable to the society and have us live with the adverse effect on our health. This book therefore, exposes one's disposition at his way of behavior, thinking, feeling and health. This dispositions or nature on exposure would help to enlighten, inform and educate especially any being in existence; the young and old in any class in the society.
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