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Resilience and Post-Trauma Symptoms   Madeha Naz and Zahid Mahmood

Resilience and Post-Trauma Symptoms

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The brutal bombings which had long been the fate of several cities of Pakistan caused a great number of deaths and massive destruction throughout the country. Out of the many incidents, one which is vividly remembered is that of the bombing which took place at the GPO building that is situated in Lahore. The images of such an incident may be difficult to be erased from the memories of those people who have worked in the middle of the chaos and ruins, such as the rescue workers. This research is an attempt at exploring the impact that such traumatic incidents have over the lives of individuals who are working for the Rescue 1122. There are two outcomes that are generally experienced by people who undergo such events, which consist of either becoming susceptible to having PTSD or developing a high level of resilience. Therefore, the overall prevalence and severity of PTSD symptoms was explored among the workers along with assessing their levels of resilience. This research should be...
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