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Management of Stress Through Indian Psychological Techniques   Randhir Singh Ranta

Management of Stress Through Indian Psychological Techniques

196 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The job of police personnel is often a stressful occupation. They typically suffer from a variety of physiological, psychological and behavioral problems. It has been emphasized by number of psychologists that particular attention should be given to occupational stress in policing. The potential negative consequences affect the society directly and indirectly. The police personnel operating under severe and chronic stress may well be at greater risk of error, accidents and over-reaction that can compromise their performance, jeopardize public safety and pose significant liability costs to the organization. However, they are not taught with effective stress management strategies to help them to alleviate these problems. This book is aimed to provide a practical and positive approach for helping police personnel to overcome their stress, burnout and anger and to enhance their coping mechanism through Indian psychological techniques.
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