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Prison Diaries - Letters from a Serial Killer   Matthew Malekos

Prison Diaries - Letters from a Serial Killer

280 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The text that is offered is a biographical sketch of the life of the UK prisoner, Dennis Nilsen, which draws specific emphasis on his life whilst in prison, from 1984 to the current date. The material from which this text derives includes, but is not limited to the following – twelve years of personal correspondence with the subject of the book, Mr Nilsen himself; offering a discursive & subjective account of one prisoner’s attempts at self-rehabilitation. Aspects of this extensive correspondence are utilised in order to offer the reader a new line of enquiry, which has until now been unavailable in the public domain. Such material is consistently presented against an introductory level story of the social sciences, psychology and issues of development and behaviour, ensuring that the text is understandable not only to academics and others in the field, but to the general public at large.
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