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Cognitive Remediation With a Pre-Adolescent With Disordered Eating   Carol Lynn Galiano

Cognitive Remediation With a Pre-Adolescent With Disordered Eating

140 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Picky eating is currently not included in the diagnostic classification system DSM-IV TR as a distinct category of eating disorders in childhood. It can reach clinical significance requiring intervention when it results in chronic nutritional inadequacies and/or harmful impact on social development or family functioning. Studies have shown that patients with eating disorders have difficulties with executive functioning. These findings have been used to develop an intervention based on cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) which targets thinking skills and their role in the development and maintenance of an eating disorder. To further investigate, this study assessed the efficacy of an 8-week, intensive cognitive training program in a pre-adolescent with picky eating behaviors. The findings from this study revealed a promising outcome. Moreover, its short nature makes it an attractive addition in schools for at-risk students with disordered eating. The results of this study should be...
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