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Your Parenting Style: Make or Break your Teenager's Behavior   Eliezer Kibaara

Your Parenting Style: Make or Break your Teenager's Behavior

148 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Teenage behavior is often puzzling to their parents, usually raising more questions than answers. Their behavior and that of the young adult is dependent more on parenting style than external influence. Dr.Kibaara explores the four parenting styles, namely, authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent and non-involved. He posits that parents need to strive to adopt an approach that allows the child and later the young teenager to experience warmth of the parental /caregiver’s home, while giving the teenager enough space to develop a state of healthy emotional autonomy. This book, based on his PhD Thesis, is poised to prove an immense contribution in the field of clinical psychology where therapists are grappling with the root cause of conduct disorder in teenagers which is seen in such behaviors as sexual promiscuity, teenage defiance of authority figures, substance abuse and other anti social acts. This disorder if not arrested early eventually develops into antisocial personality...
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