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Metacognitive Reflection   Liliya Bormotova

Metacognitive Reflection

228 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
While learning theories in education, psychology, and philosophy have proposed steps to encourage reflection as an important way for students to grow in learning, no significant body of analytical research has attempted to determine what students do metacognitevely in their reflective documents, or how they understand reflective exercises as part of their learning process. Very few accounts report students’ personal experiences with and understanding of reflective writing assignments. In this book, I am looking at cases of ‘reflection’ where the subject or topic in question involves an individual’s focusing on her own learning, metalinguistic development, or cognitive activities. By bringing together diverse trends in educational ideas and practices, this book aims to focus attention on reflection in learning among teachers, learners and developing professional educators in order to encourage them to adopt clear views on the role of reflection in their own teaching and learning...
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