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Self–Concept and Academic Performance   Jonathan Muema Mwania

Self–Concept and Academic Performance

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Self-concept is the overall image or awareness people have of themselves. It includes all those perceptions of “I” and “me” together with the feelings, beliefs and values associated with them. It governs the way people experience their bodies and determines our choice of activities; our intensity of efforts, and our persistence in the face of obstacles and unpleasant experiences, in part by reducing the anxiety that might interfere with the performance of activity. It is known to exert a powerful influence, affecting the way people perceive, judge and behave. That is, as situations and people around change, self–concept has a function of reassuring them that they are basically the same person they were the previous day. For this reason self-concept is a driving force in peoples’ endeavour to realise their needs. This means that persons with high self concept are more effective and do better at a given level of intelligence than persons with low self-concept. It also implies that...
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