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Dance Movement Therapy   Dita Judith Federman

Dance Movement Therapy

352 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Over the last few years, the use of body and movement has become an accepted point of reference in the therapeutic arena. Empathy, Openness and Control, all have important implications for psychotherapy. This book, therefore, provides a deep insight into the concepts of these personality variables as well as into kinaesthesia, all seen through the lens of Dance Movement therapy (DMT). A study was conducted to find the relationship between kinaesthetic ability and the above mentioned psychological variables among DMT trainees. Kinaesthetic ability was evaluated via observation using a table of movement dimensions based on Laban Movement Analysis (LMA). A significant by-product of the present study was in the development of an easy-to-use movement assessment tool that may have considerable utility in the DMT field and beyond. Additionally a detailed description of each dimension is presented. My hope is that this book may be of interest and benefit to therapists in a wide range of...
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