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Eisenstaedt's Album: Fifty Years of Friends and Acquaintances   Philip B. Kunhardt

Eisenstaedt's Album: Fifty Years of Friends and Acquaintances

240x300 224 страниц. 1976 год.
Viking Press
This book, the last in what my publishers like to call the "Eisie trio," differs from Witness to Our Time and People in that it is the most personal of the three - by far. The material has been taken not from one album, but from several volumes to which over the years I have kept adding photographs of friends, acquaintances, and places that I have enjoyed and, for one reason or another, knew I would always want to remember. True to family album tradition, the photographs have been rather haphazardly collected and informally arranged, yet they follow a more or less chronological order from the early 1930s to 1976.
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