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Assessment of Caesarean Section delivery: The case of Ethiopia   Tsigie Gebretsadik

Assessment of Caesarean Section delivery: The case of Ethiopia

76 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cesarean section (CS) delivery is one of the methods to deal with complicated childbirth and mostly is performed when normal process of labor is failed. Many mothers and infants have been saved from death and disability when CS is performed with in the medical indication protocol . However; its overuse causes for concern due to its association with increased maternal morbidity, mortality, cost, and utilization of scarce health care resources. Since CS is becoming prevalent, identifying factors for such phenomenon is fundamental to monitor closely and reduce unnecessary CS procedures. Data from 414 mothers were collected and analyzed. This book contributes in terms of creating awareness among mothers and policy makers as to what the associated factors are for the increasing proportion of the CS. The study also highlights the cons and pros of CS and puts recommendations on how to use the procedure properly. The book can be a benchmark for health professionals, policy makers,...
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