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Busy Doing Nothing   Valerie Nicholls

Busy Doing Nothing

256 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wilderness therapy programs are increasingly regarded as an effective alternative to more traditional forms of therapy for people defined as ‘at risk' or vulnerable'. Despite substantial evidence to support the use of challenging adventure experiences within natural environments to promote positive attitudinal and behavioural change much remains unknown about the process of change and the experience of participants. Within a context of an activity oriented wilderness therapy program for adults managing drug/alcohol addiction this book provides insight into how participants define the phenomenon of Quiet Time. Based on a grounded theory research design and Strauss and Corbin's axial coding paradigm, the study explores why and how, participants initiate, define, describe and make meaning of their Quiet Time experience. The analysis invites an appreciation of Quiet Time as a ‘sense of solitude' and as a deliberate and significant self-help and life enhancing strategy....
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