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Tretyakov Art Gallery: A Guide   V. M. Volodarsky

Tretyakov Art Gallery: A Guide

125x165 208 страниц. 1977 год.
This guide is intended for foreign tourists making their first visit to the Tretyakov Art Gallery in Moscow; it will help them to plan their tour of inspection in the most rational way. The book contains brief information on more than 140 outstanding painters, graphic artists and sculptors, and their work which is on display here. The introduction gives an outline of the gallery's history. The text is divided into chapters to correspond with the main sections of the exposition showing the development of Russian art from the eleventh to the twentieth century, and modern multinational Soviet art. Those works of art which visitors are advised to see if they are planning to make just one visit to the gallery lasting no more than two or two-and-a-half hours are given in italics. The last chapter gives the floor plans of the gallery to help visitors to find their way about, a name index of the artists mentioned in the text, and general information. All the facts in this...
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