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Divorce and Reconstituted Families   Aaron Adjei

Divorce and Reconstituted Families

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Separation affects everyone differently. You and your former partner may move through stages of separation of a different pace, different emotions at different times. For example one party may be starting to accept the separation whiles the other is still feeling angry. Courts have an understanding that you may be at a different stages of moving forward and that this may affect one’s ability to negotiate with a former partner. It has been observed that there seem to be a rise in divorce in Ghana. This is probably due to gradual breakdown of the extended family system where marriage was not just between the couple, but between two families. Due to that it was very difficult to divorce, however with the inception of Post-modernity where relativism has become the order of the day couples are more likely to do things that pleases them. Female spouses do not want their male spouses to control them as it was before and therefore opts out of marriage at the least discomfort.
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