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Learning Lucid Dreaming and its Effect on Depression in Undergraduates   Isaac Taitz

Learning Lucid Dreaming and its Effect on Depression in Undergraduates

52 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"During each prelim season, Cornell students – flooded with papers, projects, and exams – can be found languishing in a pool of five-hour energy boosters and bitter coffee. The anxiety and depression that diffuse throughout the campus undeniably overwhelm the student body. When Isaac Taitz ‘11 began his research with Dr. Helene Porte of the Department of Psychology and Dr. Janis Whitlock of the Department of Human Development, he considered how creating an environment in which students felt more in control of their lives could alleviate the negative atmosphere that prevented many from developing a healthy mindset on campus. Ever since watching the inspirational film, Waking Life, Taitz explored the nature of dreams and consciousness and their applications to everyday life. Specifically, Taitz researched the effects of lucid dreaming on he mental health of college students. This has significant implications for the dreamers, who are aware of their dream state and able to mold their...
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