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Attitudes towards bisexual men and women   Marlene Arndt

Attitudes towards bisexual men and women

260 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As a society, we are fascinated by sexuality. Despite this fascination we have traditionally looked askance at people who collect information on sexuality. Historically, the study of sexuality has been stigmatised - anyone who undertook research in this area risked both their career and their personal reputation. As a result research on sexuality was limited and value laden. Regardless of the preceding discriminatory laws and divided public opinion, “sexual orientation” was included in the equality protections of the South African interim constitution in 1993, making South Africa the first country in the world to include that status in its Bill of Rights. Therefore, the South African government has shown unprecedented commitment to acknowledging and upholding the human rights of sexual minorities. The recognition of bisexuality as a legitimate sexual orientation in South Africa can be viewed as progress from the perspective of both the scientific study of sexuality...
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