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God Spaces™   Sarah Calvert,Dave Clarke and Jennifer Sharkey

God Spaces™

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many mental health clients express a desire to have their spiritual needs addressed in therapy, and research indicates that spirituality can positively impact mental health. Such findings have led to the development of numerous spiritually-integrated therapies, many of which are based on a Christian framework. This book presents the findings of a survey of 67 Christian clients'' experiences of Refocussing Therapy. This spiritually-integrated form of counselling seeks to facilitate active engagement with, and experience of God. Clients attributed much of the resolution for their problems to God''s intervention via a concept developed by Dr Diane Divett, God Spaces™. It is the spiritual component of her Refocussing Therapy. The findings suggest the potential benefits of incorporating an experiential spiritual aspect into therapy with Christians, and are of relevance to counsellors desiring to respond more effectively to the spiritual needs of Christian clients. (God...
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