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Stress Levels Of Accademic Staff In Universities   Bantu M. Edward

Stress Levels Of Accademic Staff In Universities

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents vitually the essential ingredients that promote mental and physical well being.stress managment helps academic staff identify the specific areas of stress in their life,social, family, work, emotional and offers proven techiniques for dealing with everyone of them. The author recommends which type of stress that must must be reduced and the kinds that academic staff can turn into positive motivation for their lives.Employers are encouraged to pay greater attention, than in the past, to the effects of stress on performance of their staff. accademic staff can benefit by seeking new and effective ways of taking control of their lives, preventing diseases and enhancing their health.The accademic staff are encouraged to utilize stress management techiniques as employment assistance programs and use of psychotherapy.
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