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Legal Separation of Parent: Impact on Adolescents   Ajeet Singh Tomar

Legal Separation of Parent: Impact on Adolescents

180 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
The book on the basis of its outcome can be treated as a fruitful and important piece of research about adolescents of divorced parents. Mental health and Emotional maturity of adolescents is so closely affected by divorced of their parents that even the separation span of their parents becomes determining factor. Its design methodology, sampling and selection of tools for data collection have shown appreciable accuracy and appropriateness in way to actualization of objectives of the study. The book also offers suggestive topic for those researchers who may feel, in future, interest to take up this field. Indubitably, without an aura of grudge, this book is an effort to bridge the gap between the Adolescents and Legally Separated Parent, as the book points out the connections between Legally Separated Parent and Mental Health and Emotional Maturity of Adolescents. This book, it is hoped, will not only be of use, but will also add to the interest and pleasure of those many readers who...
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