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Out of the Shadows:   Lydia Sagar

Out of the Shadows:

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"Children of Incarcerated Parents" are a highly underdeserved population with very unique needs and challenges. One of the greatest obstacles that such children face include the stigma of having a parent in prison. Further, another rising concern is the ever-increasing number of intergenerational incarcerations over the past decade, in the United States of America. This book therefore explores the impact of such a traumatic phenomenon on children, through the use of various important psychological theories. It also includes the evaluation of a highly focused group intervention- "Out of the Shadows" designed by Dr. Lydia, based on her research of the pathologies most commonly experienced by this population. "Out of the Shadows" brought forth results that enabled Dr. Lydia to gain a whole new dimension in her understanding of the best treatment techniques. Her desire in writing this book is to share her ideas and lessons learned, as well as to fulfill her overall goals in calling forth...
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