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Health and Risk Issues in Adolescent Behavior   Christiana Ayoade

Health and Risk Issues in Adolescent Behavior

256 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Are all adolescents at risk? Can the adolescent period be navigated without sliding into problem behaviors? Health and Risk Issues in Adolescence: A Multi-factorial Perspective answers these questions and presents a holistic approach to understanding the psychosocial factors that predict outcomes in development. In the past, the period of adolescence has been maligned with problematic outcomes and intervention programs based on risk reduction alone have been limited in success. In today's society which is ravaged by drug and alcohol abuse, violence, cultism, and crime, this book is a paradigm shift in the development of intervention programs. It deals with resiliency building as a basis for preventing risky behaviors. Special variables such as leisure, social self-image, peer pressure are examined, and how these variables are moderated by other developmental contexts. The information in this book will provide a pragmatic tool for stakeholders in adolescent development work. Parents,...
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