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Predicting Recurrence of Depression   Anjali Jain

Predicting Recurrence of Depression

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Are you vulnerable to having Depression? Depression is known to be potent in causing huge mental morbidity. According to World Health Organization report of 2001, it is currently affecting about 121 million people worldwide and they predict in 2020 depression will impose the second-largest burden of ill health worldwide. Anybody having sad mood since two weeks for most time of the day and almost every day could be suffering from depression. Overcoming depression once, is not an insurmountable battle, but undergoing it again, could mean a loved one approaching to fatal outcome. Ever thought feeling ‘abandoned'' or ‘failed'' in childhood can result in a scar predisposing you to develop depression in future? Or is any grave life event throwing you ten times deeper in dungeons of lonely depression? Sometimes even perpetual daily hassles may augment vulnerability for developing Depression. Want to be able to predict and prevent such a mishap happening to you or your loved one? The author...
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