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Interaction Between Ocimum Sanctum And Glimepiride In Diabetic Rats   MD Fasih Ahmad,Firoz Anwar and Imran Kazmi

Interaction Between Ocimum Sanctum And Glimepiride In Diabetic Rats

168 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
An increase in number of Indians are using herbal products for preventive and therapeutic purposes. Many patients take herbal products in combination with prescribed allopathic drugs without the consent of their doctors. The concomittant administration of herbal preparations with synthetic drugs may raise the potential of herb-drug interactions. Recent medical literature has recorded an increase in herb-drug interactions although many studies are from case reports and limited clinical observations. However, herb-drug interactions may be significantly under-reported and under-estimated. The study of herb-drug interactions is among the newest areas of research affecting the modern practice of medicine. Hence, information on specific interactions may simply not be available, as the research has not yet been conducted. For this reason, when approaching this topic in brief, the best strategy is to generalize basic understandings of pharmacology rather than to become overwhelmed by, for...
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