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Diabetic Foot Infections   Gopi Chellan and Harish Kumar

Diabetic Foot Infections

96 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Diabetes is now a worldwide epidemic. Diabetic foot infections contribute significantly to the increased mortality and morbidity. In the current clinical practice, the possibility of fungal infections; and synergism and antagonism between microbes in diabetic foot wounds (DFWs) is often overlooked. This book reveals that one in four patients with DFWs would have deep seated fungal infections. The authors have developed a new molecular based technique for early detection of fungi from deep tissue of diabetic foot wounds. And proved that targeted antifungal therapy accelerated wound healing almost 30 days earlier than standard care alone in patients with fungal infections. Diabetic foot infections require a careful attention and coordinated management of a multidisciplinary foot-care team, which includes an infectious disease specialist and a medical microbiologist. Reinforcing preventive strategies and educating the diabetic patients about tight glycemic control, appropriate...
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