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Vitamin{OH}D3 Status in Patients With Diabetesmellitus Type 2   Anuradha Shekhar and Hetal Parekh

Vitamin{OH}D3 Status in Patients With Diabetesmellitus Type 2

176 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present study included 110 diabetic type 2 patients, 55 male and 55 female by purposive sampling from a diabetic clinic, situated in Central Mumbai. The patients were analyzed with the help of pretested questionnaire which included all the biochemical parameters from the doctor’s case papers, anthropometric parameters, food intake, their physical activity pattern and life style patterns. In the current study deranged glycemic levels ( FBS and PPBS) are non significantly co-related with low Vitamin D Levels, in spite of high prevalence among these diabetic subjects. Thus low Vitamin D levels may have no direct effect on glycemic control. The possible reason for this could be small selective purposeful sample size. Low Vitamin D levels were correlated with low HDL levels statistically significant.(P: 0.001).High systolic blood pressure and high BMI was not statistically significant with low Vitamin D levels. All Other parameters like diastolic BP, WHR, TG, Total Cholesterol,...
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