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Panorama of Guangxi Tourist Areas  

Panorama of Guangxi Tourist Areas

215x290 202 страниц. 1988 год.
Li Jiang Publishing Hause
The mysterious land of Guangxi is a paradise for tourists, who eulogize it as being the "treasure-house of everything green" and the "home of Karst landforms". Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, stretching from 104° 29' to 112° 03 East Longitude and from 20° 54' to 26° 23' North Latitude on the map, lies in the southern frontier of China. It covers an area of some 230,000 square kilometers. Before it became what is now Guangxi, this land of mystery experienced repeated tremendous vicissitudes of sea-land transformation. 500 to 600 million years ago during the Cambrian Period of the Palaeozoic Era, most of this area was part of a seabed of the vast ocean. As a result of the first crustal movement in Guangxi, it emerged from the water to form land. However, it once again sank into the ocean due to the water intrusion from the southeast. About 200 million years ago, another gigantic movement of the earth's surface took place, and caused the limestone rocks in the bottom of the sea to...
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