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Boston: A Picture Book to Remember Her by  

Boston: A Picture Book to Remember Her by

200x275 64 страниц. 1985 год.
Crescent Books
The capital of the state of Massachusetts, Boston lies on Massachusetts Bay on the Atlantic coast of America. Founded by English Puritans, the city forms America's closest historical link with her European origins. Yet it was also the birthplace of the revolution which cut the American colonies off for ever from their roots, and its people initiated and nurtured many strands of the independent American way of life - a concern for enlightened education, democratic self government, and the hard-earned wealth created by free enterprise and trade. Boston today is proudly aware of its past links with Europe and its English-influenced culture, and also of the spirit which broke these founding ties. The city's sense of history is displayed along the course of the Freedom Trail, which passes through the lovingly preserved streets and buildings of Boston's colonial and revolutionary past. Today, Boston continues to be a city of innovation - it is still a center of learning, now expanded...
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