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The Neuroscience of Personal Growth   Sam Aganov

The Neuroscience of Personal Growth

436 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The last few decades have been characterized by tremendous progress in neuroscientific disciplines. There is a wealth of knowledge surrounding the inner workings of the brain, and the body of research is expanding exponentially. This work is an examination of some of the most fascinating research from the field through the prism of personal growth. It explores how we can we create, maintain, and continuously improve the neural architecture supportive of positive change and development. The book offers an analysis of the neural mechanics of personal growth, a working theory defining neuropsychological mechanisms that make up the matrix of consciousness, and a qualitatively new framework for psychologist-client interaction rooted in deep understanding of and appreciation for the neuroscience and the phenomenology of change and growth. This book is for helping professionals who wish to shift focus from the concept of treating a symptom/an illness/a person to the one of assisting people...
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