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Prevalence of depression among TB patients   Micheline Kaigongi Ntarangwi

Prevalence of depression among TB patients

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book explains how in recent times, problems of tuberculosis (TB) infection have increased among the general public in Kenya. Many hospitals have grappled with the problem of non compliance with medication of TB patients,and the threat of development of multidrug resistance TB which is life threatening and very expensive to manage. Micheline Kaigongi elucidates that in many Kenyan hospitals, infected patients are treated for TB but little attention is directed to their psychological state, mainly their likely depressed state. A depressed TB patient might not comply with the doctor’s medication plan which may lead to frequent relapse episodes. The author seeks to assist in sensitizing the general public and hospital administrations to introduce psychological based interventions for TB patients.Psychological interventions may reduce incidences such as defaulting on medication and thereby assist the patients in their recovery process. This book is highly recommended for the...
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