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Stress Antecedents and Coping Strategies Among Student Teachers   Oliver Mavundutse

Stress Antecedents and Coping Strategies Among Student Teachers

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this book Stress Antecedents and Coping Strategies among Student Teachers, the author tries to investigate various sources of stress that affect learner teachers. He also tries to establish how the victims of stress go on to try and deal with or get over the stress. By and large, the sources of stress differ from one year of a student’s college life to another.Student teachers tended to be stressed more during first year of college.The second year of college life tended to bring different dimensions of challenges but these appeared to be less stressful.At third year level, most students indicated that they were able to successfully handle their stresses The status of the student as regards being male or female or being married or single also has a bearing on whether the student gets stressed or not and how she/he handles the stressful situation. College work load and some courses pursued by student teachers were also found to be major sources of stress.
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