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Emotion Recognition and Fathers' Authoritarianism in Drug Addicts   Muhammad Mussaffa Butt and Farah Malik

Emotion Recognition and Fathers' Authoritarianism in Drug Addicts

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Drug Addiction is one of the most complex diseases mankind has ever encountered. It is almost impossible to separate the problems of addiction and its link with problems related to emotions and parenting. Structures of brain associated with different functions related to emotions get affected to various extents as a result of drug addiction. Drug abusers not only have difficulties in expressing emotions but also in identifying them. Most people use drugs to alter their undesired mood and emotional states. Consequently, repeated alterations may result in blunt emotions after a certain period of time. The inability to recognize facial expressions of emotions is one of the major reasons which makes it impossible for drug addicts to adapt to the environment and remain abstinent. The perception of facial expressions of emotions can be influenced by the early social experiences of the children. Lack of close relationship with the father, due to high paternal authoritarianism, very common in...
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