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The Subjective Well-being of Divorced Single Custodial Parents   Jaci Henry

The Subjective Well-being of Divorced Single Custodial Parents

168 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As the divorce rate consistently rises, single parent families are becoming increasingly prevalent. Despite the marked increase in single custodial parents, research on this population (and more importantly into positive aspects such as subjective well-being) has been neglected. This study explores and describes the subjective well-being, including satisfaction with life and general happiness, of a sample of divorced, single custodial parents. The study identifies patterns among the aspects of subjective well-being investigated, providing support for some of the factors believed to contribute to subjective well-being. This study adds to the emerging body of research employing a positive psychology framework and is a positive step in creating an understanding of the construct of subjective well-being as experienced by a population that is under researched. This book is also valuable on a clinical level as it provides a better understanding of the subjective well-being of divorced,...
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